Wednesday, June 18, 2008

UPDATE!, no art though.

Yeah I know, no art, I just thought I would update on the progress of a few things.

Ive finally entered that home stretch for my book Black Grease, I got about 5 pages left, but I have yet think of the cover, and I guess it's getting to be about that time I should, the problem is, nothing has really come to mind, I have ideas, but nothing really concrete, nothing that makes me want to pull out a fresh piece and start going to work, so I guess best thing to do is sit on it, and hopefully I get that spark Im looking for.

since Im getting close to finishing out the first book of Black Grease Ive decided to hold off on my paintings, which is really hard, cause have a major itch to do some, but I have started getting some boards ready, primed a couple 8x10's with some Montana shock yellow, which will make a really badass background color, so hopefully in a couple weeks I can get to those, got some cool ideas worked out.

found this awesome speed painting video of Alex Pardee

seeing him work makes me want to paint so bad, but comics come first, hopefully next post I'll have some art to show, but till then I'm out.


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