Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Turns out that my day off from the grind of the day job, is usually Wednesdays, so Ive decided to start SUPERHERO WEDNESDAYS, basically every Wednesday I will upload a new sketch of a DC, Marvel, or Darkhorse character, this was sparked by the recent Shazam peice I did last week, and I just figured it would be alot of fun, plus each one will be up for sale, online and at Conventions.

So this week I give you my version of DareDevil Yellow. When it comes to the man without fear, yellow is version I dig the most. I have to be honest, Im not really that happy with how this one turned out, I don't dig it as much as the Shazam one, but still I had a blast drawing it, and about the pink nose, and lips, well thats just a little personal touch of mine,so yeah, deal with it. This one is a mix of Watercolor and ink, and Im sure your wondeirng why I always take digital pics of my peices, well I just like the look of it, it looks more raw, when you see elements of my materials and workspace around the drawing, well I hope you dig.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


My Aussie brother in arms Hugh and I decided to do an art trade, and well he asked for Captain Marvel himself SHAZAM!!, and I asked for Two Face ( naturally ). So when I sat down to draw this I decided I didn't want to do the normal Shazam, I wanted to do my version of him, so here it is. Im pretty sure if I ever got the chance to actually do a Shazam Story, this is how I would draw him, I like the idea of making him look alittle more aged, and hard, like he's been through many epic battles, and has the scars to show it. So hopefully Hugh digs this, it's a mix of Watercolor, ink, and Marker.
So long Suckers