Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Well this is about as close to posting art as I get right now. here you will see a bunch of pages from my up and coming book Black Grease, Layed all out across my drawing desk, when the book is all done I'll probably post a five page preview on here , plus info for ordering, but for now enjoy this small little sneak peak, hope you dig.



Dave Crosland said...

Hey man,

Couldn't find your email, so I'm commenting to say "thanks" for showing the love over at my blog. I appreciate the support for Everybody's DEAD and my work in general. It's always rad to know that people out there are digging the goods.

And from the looks of that photo on Humedex, you've got a hefty stack of comic chops, as well. Keep that pen a'moving!

*By the way, nice copy of the Gen X Underground Special... that comic opened my mind, way back when I was in college.*

Nice to e-meet you. Take care!

Amok said...

Hey thanks for commenting on my blog btw.

Your work looks pretty awesome from what i can tell from that shot of your desk, post more sketches and things!

thanks for linking me, too, i'll add yours to mine.