Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Turns out that my day off from the grind of the day job, is usually Wednesdays, so Ive decided to start SUPERHERO WEDNESDAYS, basically every Wednesday I will upload a new sketch of a DC, Marvel, or Darkhorse character, this was sparked by the recent Shazam peice I did last week, and I just figured it would be alot of fun, plus each one will be up for sale, online and at Conventions.

So this week I give you my version of DareDevil Yellow. When it comes to the man without fear, yellow is version I dig the most. I have to be honest, Im not really that happy with how this one turned out, I don't dig it as much as the Shazam one, but still I had a blast drawing it, and about the pink nose, and lips, well thats just a little personal touch of mine,so yeah, deal with it. This one is a mix of Watercolor and ink, and Im sure your wondeirng why I always take digital pics of my peices, well I just like the look of it, it looks more raw, when you see elements of my materials and workspace around the drawing, well I hope you dig.

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